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The Robert F. Kennedy of Asia, President Chen Shui Bian (Abian) (Taiwanese) (English)




The book that built the Lien family.

Just when the family assets of Lien Chen-tung and his son Lien Chan became a hot election campaign issue, a dissertation written by academic Lin Yuan-huei.


 The 30,000-character paper tells the reader that, during the era of Japanese occupation, both Lien Heng and Lien Chen-tung worked for a pro-Japanese newspaper. It also tells how Lien Heng eulogized the colonizers in poems.




Liu Yan Chun grew up in Taiwan firmly believing that her family would someday go back to mainland China. It took most of her life to realize that there would be no triumphant return, as envisioned by the Nationalists when they retreated (Edit: this word should be INVADED Formosa which they renamed to Taiwan.) to Taiwan after defeat by the Chinese Communists in 1949. It took her longer still to realize that she had no desire to return.




007 James Bond - Sean Connery says President Chen is his hero! 




First lady's European tour seen as diplomatic success




Assassination Attempt

Chen's wife, you know, was at a time an even more strident crusader than he was for the rights of the Taiwanese and the DPP. In 1985 she was rammed over three times by a truck and was crippled, and the driver was never found despite the fact that there were witnesses. Most Taiwanese believe _ that it was a botched KMT assassination attempt. And Chen has to go home every night and see her sitting in a wheelchair because of it. It's not an easy thing to shake. /




Accident or assassination attempt?


One account claims the driver, described in press reports at the time as a "simple peasant with a steady job and a fixed residence, Chang Jung-tsai" was driving an "illegally assembled truck" down the narrow street where Mrs. Chen was standing.


Witnesses said Chang purposefully hit Mrs. Chen. They insisted that the driver reportedly exclaimed "Oh, she's not dead yet" before backing up and running over her again to ensure maximum injury if not death.




From poverty to power: Chen Shui-bian's rise to the presidency




(Ex President) Lee says pro-unification forces to blame for SARS outbreak




Ex-KMT mayor gets 7-year sentence

(He should be forced to pay back the money he stole OR buy every person in Taiwan a kayak!) 




Young voters supportive of Chen, poll says 




Chen gains 55% approval rating, survey shows

(The come back kid!)

(Someone send me an Abian doll!) 




DPP decries Soong's proposal

(Soong and Lien are mainland pigs.)




The TSU regards Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Chairman Lien Chan (??) and People First Party Chairman James Soong (???), both born in China, as "aliens."


(Wow, I didn't know they were born in China. This brings up very very very serious legal issues! Lien and Soong should NOT be issued Taiwan Passports because they were born in China. They should be issued Communist China Passports! If they are not eligible for Taiwan Passports then they are NOT Taiwan Citizens. If they are NOT Taiwan Citizens how can they hold political office in Taiwan? How, who issued them Taiwan passports and Taiwan IDs? I read many stories were a foreigner has a baby in Taiwan but the previous Gou Ming Dong government kicked them out of Taiwan. Even Taiwanese who married a foreigner, the foreigner could NOT stay in Taiwan as a citizen. So how can the Taiwan law be so strict on citizenship but allow Lien and Soong to maintain Taiwan Citizenship?) 




Ma's democratic credentials queried.

Ma, Guo Ming Dong's (KMT) Pig Puppet Mayor 




DPP says KMT should apologize for buying votes

(Apologize? Put the scum in jail!) 





KMT (Pig) rebel blasts party's voting order




Recent poll shows satisfication with government, Chen




Former hospital chief under fire (SARS spreader)

Wu was the superintendent of Taipei Municipal Jen Ai when President Chen Shui-bian was Taipei mayor, but he was fired over allegations of corruption in an equipment purchase scandal.


When Ma Ying-jeou (KMT Pig) was elected mayor, he invited Wu back and made him the superintendent of Hoping.




The ‘New Taiwan Person’

Centuries ago, the island had an aboriginal culture of Malay and Polynesian descent. In the 17th century, the Dutch and Portuguese had colonies here, and the imported Chinese laborers — all men — intermarried with locals, forming the basis of the majority of today’s population. According this version of history, it was only in 1887 that China declared Taiwan a part of its territory in an effort to stem Japanese expansionism, say independence activists. But when that failed, China ceded Taiwan to Japan in perpetuity.

The Japanese held Taiwan for 50 years, until their defeat in World War II. In the years immediately after, Allied Forces backed Chiang Kai-shek’s temporary occupation of Taiwan. But according to pro-independence legal experts, the Nationalists never had a legal basis to stay.

“In 1949, Taiwan did not “split off from China”, but was occupied by the losing side in the Chinese Civil War,” according to a 1999 white paper endorsed by 18 overseas Taiwanese associations.




Premier's performance satisfies public, poll says




Chirac sold out to PRC for commerce, says Lu Taiwan VP

Vice President Annette Lu (???) declared that French President Jacques Chirac had "sold out the national character and spirit of France" by opposing Taiwan's planned peace referendum Monday during a visit to Paris by People's Republic of China State Chairman Hu Jintao (???).




Billions Embezzled In China (Like Communist Chinese like KMT. What’s the difference between a Communist Chinese and a Guo Ming Dong Chinese? Answer:Nothing)

Audits aimed at ferreting out corruption in China uncovered $8 billion in misused or embezzled funds and widespread irregularities that produced "serious losses" of state assets, the government said Friday.


Auditors investigated 130,000 state businesses and offices last year as part of the communist leadership's campaign against the pervasive graft that has soured public faith in the government.




Protest staged over KMT assets

Forging ahead with a campaign to exert pressure on the Kuomintang to return swathes of its financial and property holdings to the state, local activists yesterday staged a protest in front of the former ruling party's headquarters demanding it hand over allegedly 'ill-gotten' assets.


Members of the Alliance to Campaign for Rectifying the Name of Taiwan brandishing leaflets entitled 'Returning KMT Party Assets' yesterday morning converged on the Chinese Nationalist Party headquarters, downtown Taipei and called on KMT Chairman Lien Chan (??) along with other party staff to vacate the building.




Taiwan's democracy has need of America